We have invented the ultimate women's performance underwear!  Our  innovative bamboo charcoal insert* conceals CAMEL TOE, wicks away moisture, eliminates odor, are environmentally friendly AND comfortable AF!!!   

Founder, Jen Govier was in the middle of a workout and got a glimpse of her unsightly camel toe.  She immediately went on a mission to solve the problem. When Jen couldn't find what she was looking for on the market, she worked with her team to invent it AND that is how HUX ~ Helpful Underwear Xtreme was born! 

While we have created an amazing product that solves a real problem...this is about SO much more.  We want to inspire others to chase their dreams.  We want to build a company & community that believe what we believe:

  • We RISE by LIFTING others
  • You GET when you GIVE
  • Your THOUGHTS become THINGS¬†