It All started with a Kettlebell, A Mirror, and

OH MY GAWD! A Camel toe 💋

When founder Jen Govier caught sight of her camel toe while working out, her own embarrassment put her on a mission to solve this problem for all women. After searching the market Jen realized that the perfect Camel Toe concealing underwear just didn’t exist. A first attempt to solve for this, with an insert tucked into her undies at the gym ended with the fitness instructor asking if “it” belonged to anyone in class … Oops … maybe the insert needed to be stitched into the undies?

That amazing idea is what created

HUX - Helpful underwear xtreme

The pursuit of the perfect Camel Toe concealing underwear has led to an evolution in women's undies. HUX underwear features an innovative Bamboo Charcoal insert - moisture wicking, anti-odor and environmentally friendly. HUX are absolute GAME CHANGERS - the perfect blend of performance and function! 

While we have created an amazing product that

solves a real problem