BEST CHARCOAL PRODUCTS by The WanderLust Girls 🖤


You’ve heard of charcoal face masks, you’ve probably heard of charcoal toothpaste, but have you heard of charcoal UNDERWEAR?! We were recently introduced to HUX undies which have an innovative insert made of bamboo charcoal. What’s the point you ask? Let us indulge you:

  • Full coverage so no show camel toe
  • Anti-Odor 
  • Moisture wicking 
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Thermal regulation 
  • Eco-friendly material 
  • Seamless waistband 
  • Comfortable AF


hux underwear

It’s about time ladies undies got an upgrade! We got the thong style, as pictured above, and can assure you they are fantastically soft and stretchy. Not to mention they’re sleek and black, so still sexy! Whether you’re looking to conceal camel-toe, absorb odor and moisture (perfect for working out!) or just need new undies, be sure to try out HUX!

Curious what other charcoal products we love?! Well, here you go:

Origins Active Charcoal Mask

charcoal mask

Hello Charcoal Toothpaste

hello toothpase

Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar

erno laszlo soap

Dirty Cleanse Lemon Detox

charcoal drink

Do you have a favorite charcoal product? Let us know in a comment!

xx, WanderLust Girls